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PENTEK Textile Machinery designs, manufactures, sells and services textile equipment and technologies in the preparation and finishing segments. Pentek's design and production philosophy focuses on innovation and export since the very first steps. Aware of the high manufacturing costs typical of European areas, it was clear from the outset that the challenge was to offer totally innovative solutions and services capable of competing on international markets.


At the moment the organization counts on a staff of 52 people and an average annual turnover of 18 million euros and the company goal - which has become realistic thanks to the new initiatives undertaken - is to exceed 20 million in 2022. Pentek has been exporting 92% of its production for at least 5 years and has been producing since 2020 in a new state-of-the art building on an area of ​​approximately 10,000 m2, energy autonomous, and production 100% made in Italy. It has a sales network of 53 agencies worldwide and currently exports 58% to Asia, 20% to Europe and the Mediterranean basin and 14% to the Americas.

For many years now, the investment rate in Research and Development has averaged 15.6% of turnover. The growth of personnel dedicated to the development of machinery and processes did not stop even in 2020, aggregating 4 new figures with great experience and history between the management and as many in the operating sector.


Pentek is a world leader for innovative technologies in the preparation and finishing sector in specific segments: continuous tumbler and continuous rope washing ranges. Our products are characterized by a high degree of innovation and all machines are protected by registered international patents.

The logic of each new product inevitably arises from production or commercial problems collected from our international customers, thanks to a constant and constructive dialogue with our customers around the world in search of unresolved problems.The timeframe that goes from the primary idea - daughter of market needs - to design, patent registration, prototype creation, up to the development of tests and new samples, covers an average of 2 years. As many years are then necessary before the principle is grafted into the world production context to offer the desired commercial returns and set significant sales trends.This hard and continuous task has allowed us over time to be recognized as true innovators and reliable partners, and has pushed the growth in turnover without interruption from 4 to 16 million euros in the decade 2007 to 2017 and then consolidated from 16 to 18 million in the last 3 years, thanks to an adequate internal structure.

For many years now we have been developing processes and products with a strong emphasis on SUSTAINABILITY, founded right from the design stages with patents and process criteria aimed at reducing energy and thermal consumption for drying lines, and consumption of water and chemicals on washing lines.


PENTEK starts designing, producing and marketing textile machinery from the year 2000. Initially dedicated to niche sectors, such as discontinuous rope tumblers and wool finishing machinery, PENTEK goes beyond the logic of the single machine and proposes process technology solutions that involve a combination of machinery and continuous process logics.

Historically the most widespread product and the driving force behind this growth was EnAIRgy, the continuous open-air tumbler, with about 800 units installed worldwide, mainly in the Home textile, Denim, printed and silky fabrics, pile fabrics, linen and shirting sectors.To date, the continuous tumbling production segment, both in open and in rope (extended to 4 product families), still accounts for 54% of turnover.

Since 2017, 40% of turnover - and therefore the subsequent growth step - comes from our continuous rope washing lines, particularly dedicated to washing after printing, preparation (bleaching, optical white, enzymatic biopolishing) and washing after dyeing (reactive soaping, polyester reduction baths, yarn-dyed washing) and washing for chemical-physical finishing using air jet. The revolutionary and winning feature was to reproduce the effectiveness of a dyeing soft flow finally continuous with substantial savings in the consumption of water, products and labor, in direction of an effective eco-sustainability, so essential today.