Matchpoint Textilmaschinenbau GmbH – diamond finishing technology

Matchpoint is specialized in diamond finishing technologies for textile processing and staffed by an enthusiastic team of textile engineers who specialize in finishing technologies. Textile processing is Matchpoint ’s passion; we have been advising and serving the needs of textile finishing companies since 1984.

Matchpoint’s motivation is to ensure best performance for the key requests of our clients. Thus, to reach these targets, an intensive dialogue and technical consulting with regard to the surface finishing of textiles is desired in order to implement successful collaboration. Together we realise new developments in finishing processes and environmental care.

Product range

diamondpeach plus®
The leading peaching tool to create microsanding effects on textile surfaces. Matchpoint diamond emery is engineered for textile applications and famous for highest evenness and productivity for microsanding effects

Matchpoint technologist support its clients worldwide with diamond finishing solutions.

diamondpeach plus® - to improve existing peaching machines to get most even microsanding effects and increasing the productivity of existing machines 30% and more.

DDF - Diamond denim finishing® - the sustainable way of finishing DDF is a chemical-free pre-finish method for flat fabrics which support even colour-fading and soft-touch. DDF meets all economic and ecological requirements for more ecological manufacturing in surface finishing for Denim production.

With DDF it is possible to reduce the processing time at garment laundry and their chemical usage 30-50%. Great for the environment and the carbon footprint of denim companies.